Having a safe, private toilet is a basic human right. But unbelievably, one in three people around the world don’t have access to a loo. That means people get ill and deadly diseases spread fast.

By supporting the Toilets Save Lives campaign at Glastonbury, the public were contributing  to changing this. And WaterAid know that the public support works – last year, an amazing 46,181 festival goers signed the ‘Make it Happen’ petition, helping to secure a Global Goal dedicated to clean water and sanitation.

Each person involved either bought a WaterAid Tote bag as featured, picked up a WaterAid water bottle or visited their Talking Toilets, if not, festival goers would have bumped into Sanitation Superheroes around the site on Worthy Farm. Over 400 of their volunteers were working hard throughout the weekend to make sure it was the best festival ever – including their brand new Loo Crew, who did a phenomenal job cleaning the toilets at 35 ‘long drop’ sites. To read more about WaterAid and their latest campaigns, click here: www.wateraid.org/uk

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