Trewirgie School

Trewirgie School wanted to create a natural product to raise funds for donkey charities at home and in Cairo. Building on from their studies of Ancient Egypt the children designed their jute bags in this style. On a visit to GoJute, working with our design team, the winners were selected and their drawings were transformed into digital artwork ready for printing on to our jute.

The school worked with a wide range of local companies who sponsored the bag to ensure all the money raised would go to the chosen charities. Trewirgie School’s learning didn’t stop at the design though, the children got the chance to go out and sell the bags to the public. This gave them a great chance to develop their skills speaking with fluency and confidence and to be resilient if customers were not interested. On returning to the class room they then practiced their maths skills calculating the money they had raised and splitting it between their charities. What a fantastic example of how a single jute bag can be a center to so many different areas of learning! 

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