The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn brewery is now self sufficient in real ale, with beer brewed on the premises and rolled a mere 10ft from brewery to cellar. The word local has come to mean just that, and with no deliveries from other brewers they have significantly reduced their carbon footprint, which they are very proud of.

More and more breweries are coming to GoJute for beer bottle carriers and wine jute bags to advertise their brand effectively to their target audience.

This particular jute bag is a best-seller within the brewery industry. They’re a  great way of packaging or displaying multiple bottles of beer. It comes with a removable jute divider. This is one of our best-selling jute bags during the festive season and provides a great way to package or displaying a quarter case of beer and of course can be re-used. There is an area large enough on the bag to be printed with your logo or branding message. Our team of designers are more than happy to help you with this.

This type of beer bottle bag is particularly popular with breweries, cider farms, vineyards and distilleries.

Featured Product Type: Beer Bottle Jute Bag GJ8BB

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