Sparkwell all Saints Church

What happens if you know the design you want for your jute bags but in only exists in one place and that isn’t even electronically but in a single physical item. That is what happened to the fundraising team at Sparkwell All Saints Church. After years of using a beautiful drawing of the church building for all their merchandise, they decided that it was time for a change. Having stumbled across an old medal at the church with a beautifully unusual design the team at Sparkwell knew they had to use it but other than the medal itself they couldn’t find it anywhere else. They challenged the team at GoJute to turn this medal into a beautiful fundraising bag for them to sell.

We were delighted to welcome the fundraising team from Sparkwell All Saints Church down to our offices to discuss their ideas for a fundraising jute bag face to face. They brought with them a single medal that they had found, they wanted to turn the design on it into a jute bag design.

GoJute has one of the largest stock range of bags in terms of sizes and colours – this is great unless you are tasked with trying to pick just one option for your bag design. When the ladies from Sparkwell came into our office they were overwhelmed with the colours and choices. It was clear that one bag/colour option wouldn’t work. We were delighted to be able to narrow the choice down to two options; this meant the Sparkwell All Saints Church could have two different sizes bags in different colours which would complement each other perfectly. Now the challenge was to turn that medal into beautiful artwork that would print on the chosen bags.

Our in-house graphic design team took the medal and retraced the artwork, this was then converted for screen printing and the end result is brilliant. Sparkwell all Saints Church have two brilliant bags and their fundraising is in full swing.

Featured Product Type: Portrait Jute Bag and our Square Jute Bag

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