Ripley Court School

Our products have always been popular with schools and this is a sector we are always pleased to work within. Our jute book bags are long lasting, hardwearing and teach the children the importance of using less plastic in products – they also look great too! As well as the book bags some schools have used our shopper bags as a basis for their latest school project; getting the children to design a bag and then sell it as their school fundraiser is a great way to get the children to be creative whilst understanding the impact plastic bags have on our environment.

But when it comes to open days how do you offer something to get your students and their parents to engage with your school and feel like they are a part of it before they join? That was the challenge we were presented by Ripley Court School…

Ripley Court school decided to give out jute bags at their open day. Their school logo looked perfect on our green jute bags – matching their brand colours as well as creating a lovely looking bag.  They wanted a bag that the children will love receiving but one that would be practical and reused by the parents too! Our square jute bags are the perfect size to give to the children at the open day but also big enough for the parents to reuse again and again. Giving these branded bags to new students (and parents) joining the school is a perfect way to help them feel engaged and welcomed into the school before they join! Great work Riley Court School, what a fantastic welcome to a new school and as your bags are reused by parents it is great to see the school logo on the move!

Featured Product Type: Square Jute Bag

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