Pivo Microbrewery

Pivo Microbrewery creates craft beers in the heart of Nicosia’s old town. They pride themselves on creating locally brewed beers without filtration or pasteurization and take inspiration from all over the globe. The microbrewery was born from the passion of 4 brothers for beer, innovation, quality and creativity and has flourished into the go-to place for craft beer in Nicosia.

With their passion for quality raw ingredients and craft, a branded beer bottle jute bag was the perfect way for visitors to take their experience at Pivo Microbrewery home with them. The bag features a classic single colour print of their iconic logo, the perfect match for the golden glow of our natural jute. The bags are designed to carry 6 bottles of Pivo’s craft beer and feature a removable divider so the bags can be re-used time and time again.

Featured Product Type: Beer Bottle Jute Bag

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