Glastonbury Bags

Both bags have been beautifully designed, by none other than contemporary artist Kurt Jackson, and sponsored by Yeo Valley, the bags were given to all festival goers upon arrival.

We are delighted to be able to supply Glastonbury with these bags not only for the obvious kudos that comes with a relationship from such an iconic event; but also for the environmental message that goes with bags.

Glastonbury Festival and GoJute recognise that running the event at Worthy Farm has a direct impact (both positive and negative) on the environment. The festival is committed to enhancing the environment through their operations where possible, and minimising any negative impact. Therefore they have a strict ‘No Plastic Bags’ policy. On arrival, all Festival programmes come in these fabulous 100% organic, unbleached cotton tote bags and can be used to carry essentials for the day so each person has something useful, environmental and memorable to come home with too!

Product type: 5oz Cotton Bag GJCOTT

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