Delilah’s Umbrellas

Delilah’s Umbrella

At Delilah’s Umbrella it all began with the arrival of two Kune piglets. These piglets would go on to transform the life of their 15 year old owner as she battled with depression, anxiety and childhood trauma.

Studies have shown that 56% of children say they are always worrying about something. Therefore, with this in mind, Delilah’s Umbrella was born.

At Delilah’s Umbrella they aim to help support children to forget about their worries. Giving them a focus to be free from their thoughts, for instance. Along the way, the result is, they build trusting relationships. This allows children to open up about their worries. Together they can try to combat problems.

Now older with a bigger array of animals, Delilah’s Umbrella is hoping to help others.

Branded Bags

This small charity wanted to find a way to raise their profile. With events and shows in the pipeline they wanted to really make an impact. Above all they needed to generate some funds to keep the charity going.

Branded Jute bags are an excellent solution! Not only are they a popular retail item for small charities helping boost much needed funds but they also get reused and the message reaches far and wide too!

At GoJute we understand the importance of local charities. As a result we make our bags are accessible to all. By providing a range of different bags to suit all budgets as well as flexible printing methods and low minimum order quantities this is the perfect affordable solution. Consequently even small charities are able to invest in branded bags and go on to sell them to make some much needed profits!

In Conclusion, Delilah’s Umbrella’s bags are an ‘oinking’ success! And most importantly, they have helped to generate some much needed funds!

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