Daisy’s Bag

A bag with a story is always one of our favourites! Katie came to us with a line drawing that her 7 year daughter, Daisy, had drawn with her take on the tragic Australian bush fires that were currently ripping through Australia. I think you will all agree… the drawings are just adorable. Katie’s mission was to create a bag with Daisy’s drawings that could be sold to the general public with all profits going to help the Australian Bush Fires, which is something the family had witnessed first hand on a recent trip. We were delighted to work with both Katie and Daisy and make this vision a reality.

Katie said “Daisy presented me with these beautiful creations and said I want to sell these to get donations for the firefighters and animals in Australia. This is how ‘Daisy’s Bag’ came about. My next question then was, how do you get a child’s drawing onto a bag? Well after some searching, I came across a company called GoJute and with the help from one of their lovely sales team members Megan, they made our expectations a reality!”

Our lovely GJCANV 10oz Cotton Canvas Bag held the detail of the drawings incredibly well and the overall outcome looked fantastic. The bags are being sold in independent stores dotted around Fulham with 100% of the proceeds being split between the CFA Victoria and Bushfire Emergency Wildfire Fund- you can keep up to date on the listed stores on their Instagram @daisysbag.


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