Burtons Veterinary

Planning your marketing materials early means you can take advantage of our overseas printing methods from our SEDEX approved factory. Printing overseas before the bags are cut and stitched is a great way to create a bespoke bag printed edge to edge with your design. You can create a truly one-off eye-catching design making your bags unique. However, what do you do if you if you have left it too late and you need your bags in a matter of days? Well, this is the problem that Burtons veterinary faced and we were pleased to be able to help…

GoJute has one of the largest selection of plain jute bags in stock meaning that we can react to your requirements quickly without you having to compromise the design. When Burtons Veterinary contacted us they only had a few weeks before the London Vet Show so were unable to take advantage of our overseas printing service. However they were able to choose from a huge range of stock bags from our UK warehouse, they selected the large jute bag with blue side panels and with their artwork on the front and back matching the colour of the sides perfectly they ended up with a great looking bag. They were certainly popular at the show and were delivered to the customer on time with no hold ups.

Featured Product Type: Large Jute Bag GJ019

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