Salcombe Gin

Ordered mainly for the Dartmouth Food Festival back in October of 2016, the Salcombe Gin jute bags went down an absolute storm. Perfect for such an event with many people purchasing in preparation for Christmas, but also the bags gave the ideal opportunity to up-sell their product and sell a reusable shopping bag carrying their brand.

These particular bags are our standard Jute bags GJ030 and carry the branding of the Salcombe Gin in a stylish and contemporary fashion. The company liked their bags so much that they have in fact planned ahead for next year and placed an overseas order saving them time and money. This has been a collaborative project between our team at GJ and Salcombe Gin to create a unique jute bag that will hold two bottles of gin comfortably. With a sewn-in divider, the bespoke bags will be a brilliant way to up-sell and market the gin for 2017. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the end product!

Featured Product Type: Standard Jute bag GJ030

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