Anno Distillers- Increasing brand loyalty for premium drinks

The company, based in Kent, is a multi-award-winning artisan gin and spirits distillers offering distillery experiences to consumers.

Anno, the first gin distillery in Kent for 200 years, was founded in 2011 by Dr ANdy Reason and Dr NOrman Lewis when they left behind their roles as scientists to pursue their passion for craft spirits.

With one eye on the science behind making quality spirits and another on proudly displaying all that their home county of Kent has to offer, they duly created Anno Distillers and began the journey of a lifetime.

Since then they have continued to accumulate much praise from both fans and experts alike, culminating in some outstanding international recognition, including Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards.

As a premium customer-facing business, their GoJute branded bags are given to distillery experience customers as a goodie bag: customers make their own gin blend and take home a personalised bottle.

Rob Cursons, design and marketing for Anno, says: “The bags are well made and the service was straightforward and friendly. The price was competitive and we got to choose a more convenient size for us while cutting costs.

“I found the whole experience very easy. I chatted to the rep at an event and passed the marketing materials and sample bag back to the team. Colleagues were also impressed by the friendly service. I worked on the design and the process of proofing and signing off was very simple. I’d recommend GoJute for these reasons.”

The bags are also available to buy from the distillery, pop-up shops and events – further increasing their brand reach and recognition. The bag design is really impactful and stylish, meaning customers are bound to use it again and again in their daily lives.

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