Action Bequia

Action Bequia are a charity who work on programs to improve the amenities, beauty and safety of the Island of Bequia in the Caribbean. They strongly believe that the well being of the island is dependant on continuing to attract tourists, long term visitors, homemakers and yachtsmen to the island. We were more than happy to help them spread their campaign with their very own brand GoJute bags.

They choose our super high quality Juco bag with royal blue side panels to match their branding. The luxury bags were used at their annual fund raising event in February. The event was focused around promoting their recycling program and gaining donations from their followers. The bags formed part of this program, helping to encourage people to re-use and eliminating single use polluting products! What more their fantastic bags are now heading all over the island spreading their message and reducing waste!

Featured Product Type: Large Juco Bag

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