Promotional Mugs

At GoJute we offer several promotional items to pick from, but a simple yet effective promotional mug has long been a popular choice and the positive results from such a simple offering is fascinating. For further details of our other promotional products see our Promotional Page and our Promotional Catalogue.

Customising mugs to advertise the name of the company is an intelligent strategy to build up brand awareness. It’s affordable and effective; also, there are chances that the mug will stay with the customer for a long time and will evoke your brand’s image every time they make a hot drink at work. What a better way to remind people to do business with you then offering them a product for them to use may times during the working day!

As well as acting as an excellent promotional give away we have also seen an increase in businesses using branded mugs within their own businesses to ensure their brand isn’t forgotten. Adding a branded mug to your holiday accommodation, or to be used by clients visiting your business or by customers visiting your café is an excellent way to remind them of your brand making it more likely that they will use you in the future.

Create a branded mug and literally get your brand in your customers’ hands.