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Pricing for branded jute, juco and cotton bags

The cost of your bag will depend on many factors: the colour, the amount of print, style, size, final finishing and whether your bag is printed in the UK or at our factory in India. For our branded and bespoke bags we’ve found our customers invariably get a better end result when we can talk through with you your needs and the options we can offer.

Below you can see the basic options available to you by comparing UK and overseas bag production.


Process: Printing onto a pre-fabricated bag from stock held in the UK.

Advantages: Faster delivery.

Minimum Order: 100 bags

Printing Area: You can only print on the front and back of our stock bags. It is not possible to print on the side panels of our UK stock bags. The bags are in one piece and the side panels are sewn together and pleated, therefore printing upon them is not possible.

Dyed Panels and Handles: Stock bags come in our set colour schemes. If you’re looking for a custom colour then please look at our bespoke service.


Process: Factory printing onto jute sheets before bags are made up in India.

Advantages: Multiple options including: custom bag colours, bag sizes, designs and edge-to-edge printing. Plus the additional details like coloured handles, swing tags and a sewn-in label.

Minimum Order: 1000 bags (Exceptions occur, get in touch to discuss your needs)

Printing Area: You have the freedom to print on all of the panels with our overseas bags. The side panels are printed before the bags are stitched together, so you can have an edge-to-edge side panel print if you want.

Dyed Panels and Handles: You can dye every panel of your bespoke bag. You can specify the colour scheme and we can recommend the best options to suit your needs. You can specify the colour of your handles. Not only that, you can specify the type of handles you require on an overseas bag.

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