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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is printing on jute the same as printing on other materials?

Due to the nature of the material, printing onto jute is slightly different to printing on most other materials due to its open weave. Fine detail will not print well.

2. Can I see a visual of my bag before I place an order?

Our creative design team have many years of experience and are able to advise and also produce visuals for you to see how your finished bags will look.

3. Can I print edge-to-edge?

Bags which are being ordered from our factory in India can be printed up to the edge, this is made possible because the panels are printed before being sewn together. Bags which are being ordered from stock can only be printed to a certain size, the size will depend on the style of bag.

4. What colours work best when designing and printing on jute?

On the natural coloured bags we recommend stronger colours as this will show up far better, shading and fine detail is not possible.

5. How small can text go? Is there a set minimum font size?

Text size should be no smaller than 7mm x-height (lowercase x) when printing on jute, in order for this to be legible. Standard text is also better to use than italic and script typefaces.

6. How can I supply you with artwork? What format works best?

Artwork needs to be as high resolution as possible and for best results in vector-based format. Low resolution artwork becomes pixelated and not usually possible to use. Minimum resolution is 300 dpi at 100% print size, although we would prefer 600 dpi.

File formats are usually best provided in the following :-
Vector Image (Adobe eps, pdf or illustrator)
Bitmap Image (Adobe photoshop, tif, jpg, png)

7. What size are your bags?

There are a wide range of sizes from our mini jute bags which measure 22cm wide by 20cm high and 13cm deep to the large jute bag which is 46cm wide by 32cm high and 18cm deep. But there are differing sizes in juco and cotton and, actually, an infinite number of size options if you go for a fully bespoke bag. All standard bag sizes are clearly marked on the product pages. Find out more.

8. What’s the lead time on your bags?

This is probably one of the most common questions and it really does depend on your needs. If you are looking for a fully bespoke bag with your own Pantone colour on handles or panels, edge-to-edge printing and other customisations you will need our overseas process. With bespoke orders all manufacturing and printed is carried out in our factory in India. This means you get the product you want and the best value on price but it also means a minimum order quantity of 1,000 and a lead time of around 12 weeks (please note we will keep you updated on timings but it’s vital you let us know if you have a deadline to meet at the time you place your order as sea freight can be subject to delays owing to weather and other unforeseen circumstances).

If you want your bags quickly and don’t need a fully customised product – there are still plenty of options open to you – you can get them much more quickly, within 7-10 working days. But the unit price will be a little higher. Minimum order is 100.

Find out more about lead times and delivery.