The 10p plastic bag charge is coming

More brands move to sustainable bags as plastic bag charge increases

As part of the ongoing war against plastic waste, the UK Government has announced that they will be doubling the price we pay for single-use plastic bags. The existing 5p levy on plastic bags from main retailers, introduced across England in 2015 has led to a remarkable 95% reduction in the sales of plastic bags […]

jute bags for Christmas

Sustainable gift wrap

Is it possible to have a sustainable Christmas with all the plastic filling the shelves in the stores once again? Yes! We can change what we wrap our gifts in so your presents are unique and not hurting the planet.  Say no to Sellotape Sellotape isn’t recyclable and is one of the biggest culprits when […]

Iceland Jute Bag

How to have a plastic-free July?

If this pandemic has taught us nothing else, it has shown us how we were all contributing negatively to our forever changing planet. With carbon emissions worldwide decreasing by 17% and wildlife reclaiming their spaces such as the dolphins swimming to say hello in Italy. “But what is plastic free July?” I heard you ask. The concept started in Western […]

Burns Bespoke stocking

Pampered Pooches

We began working with Burns Pet Nutrition a few years ago and have worked with them on multiple designs using both of our jute and cotton bag ranges. Now in 2019, we’ve made their very first completely sustainable stocking for dogs! The stocking is filled with treats, a treat bag, a Burns bandana and some […]

Plastic Alternatives

Plastic-free July or plastic full?

Written by: Sarah-Jane Hoskin, Marketing Assistant at GoJute As July comes to a close, we reflect on the movement to reduce our reliance on plastic – highlighted during ‘Plastic free July’. “What is plastic free July?” I hear you ask. The idea was born in Western Australia in 2011 and has now become a global […]

Elephants surrounded by plastic pollution

Top 5 products to reduce your plastic habit

1. Rub-a-dub-dub Just a shampoo in a bar – just like soap with no waste, no plastic. Along with this, shampoo bars can last three times longer than shampoo in a bottle. They also contain all-natural ingredients. Easier to pack when you go on holiday and won’t leak… can you really go wrong? 2. Wake […]

bag-tax-stats. GoJute saying no to plastic bags for over ten years

Alternatives to plastic bags

2018 was a positive year with larger businesses such as Sky Ocean Rescue and Iceland foods making a stand about single use plastic. It looks like 2019 is going to be another positive year for our environment. More businesses and consumers are looking at the amount of plastic they use and seeing how to reduce this. […]

Plastic free bottles been crushed

Our Top 10 Tips To Go Single Use Plastic Free

At GoJute we are constantly searching for new ways to make our lives more sustainable and to reduce our impact on the planet. Our dependence on plastic has come to the forefront of the media in the last few weeks, with the UK government and large retailers announcing their own plans to become single use plastic […]

local market Jute bag

Create an ethical marketing campaign for your local market!

Our jute bags are the perfect marketing tool for any local market, they can be purchased as a proud memento or to show loyalty. This ethical marketing campaign is literally on the move. Most importantly, stall holders being small businesses do not have the same corporate responsibility of larger companies. Therefore from our research we have […]

Grocery shop

Your branded bags need not be serious!

Here is a great example of how your branded bags need not be serious! Alan’s Apple Greengrocer is a vibrant community greengrocers in Kingsbridge. Aiming to support local producers and growers as well as providing a diverse range of fresh, high quality fruit and vegetables, including organics. Alan’s Apple also stocks locally made artisan condiments, […]

5 reasons why you'll love us

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Us..

        5 1. We offer the highest quality promotional bags   2. Fast turnaround times   3. A friendly, open and honest service   4. Ethical & fairly traded products   5. A free consultation service   These 5 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have to […]

Bag Ban

Now that’s what we call a headline!

Now that’s what we call a headline Metro ! What other incentives can address the other half still on our beaches & in the ocean? #SAS#SayNoToPlastic PLUS this week, The nation’s first statewide ban on those flimsy plastic grocery bags will take effect in California, thanks to the defeat of an industry-backed ballot measure to […]

Ethical Bag

Carrying Paperwork in an Ethical Bag

Ethical Bag for Students Students of the University Of York are proud to be carrying their paperwork and materials in a smart, branded and ethical bag. This is the third order of jute bags for students of the University Of York. This year they have gone for a clean, simple and smart standard GJ030. The […]

Boutique Jute Bags

Doris & Co

Boutique Jute Bags This Somerset retailer took advantage of the jute bag opportunity and sell two bags with two different designs. Doris Jute Bags Doris & Co is a British company devoted to making English cream-ware pottery and home-wares using old fashioned methods traditional to England. Their aim is to serve good people, and good […]

World bag Tax

List By Country; ‘Bag Charges, Taxes and Bans’

City by city, state by state and country by country are taking action against the scourge of plastic bags. Below are just some of the countries with bans or charges already in place or pending. This is in no way a complete list, however it does illustrate the global support being garnered against the effects […]