GJ019 Large Jute Bag

Bag of the Week: Large Jute Bag (GJ019)

GJ019 Large Jute Bag Our Large Jute Bag (GJ019) is the perfect versatile bag that can be carried in hand or over the shoulder due to its luxury short handle. If you’re carrying your weekly shop or just a few essentials the GJ019 has got you covered. Looking to match the bag with your brand […]

GJ030 Standard Jute Bag

Bag of the Week: GJ030

GJ030 Standard Jute Bag Our Standard Jute Bag (GJ030) offers the classic jute bag shape, making it one of our most versatile bags that can fit almost any situation. The portrait design is perfect for collating and collecting paperwork as you walk around an event or show or to transport your shopping home from your favourite […]

Hessian bag

Why jute? Isn’t it a hessian bag?

Wondering what jute is? You’re in the right place! On a day to day basis we have customers coming to us looking for hessian bags and they don’t really understand what jute is. Globally a lot of different terms are used to describe the fabric manufactured from the jute plant. Let’s clear up the confusion […]

Marketing Tips

Marketing tips!……….

Marketing Tips!…. Are you a company or new business that wants potential clients to see your brand on a daily basis? In the home, on the high street, the shops, park or even the beach…….? Is there any other product that can do all of the above and also give that potential customer a very […]

Jute production GoJute

JUTE? What is it?

Tell Me About Jute! Due to its natural colour and importance jute has become known as the ‘golden fibre’ (Wild Fibres). The fabric has little impact on the environment and is proven to be very durable, it is also incredibly affordable as the plants are easy to grow, produce a large crop and unlike cotton, they […]

Jute facts

What is jute? Here are some Jute Facts

JUTE FACTS Ever wondered what your bags are made from and how they’re made? Read our Jute Facts to find out more! What’s it like? Well, if you want to be technical, it’s a vegetable bast fibre plant. (And no, we haven’t misspelled ‘vegetable-based’; there’s a kind of plant called bast. Linseed and hemp are […]

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