Brewdog to Brewgel

As a company, GoJute are very proud to work with so many businesses that are doing their bit to make a huge impact at such a difficult and uncertain time. 

One of our wonderful clients, BrewDog, has taken on the challenge to make a difference in this crucial time of need and as a team have created ‘Punk Sanitiser’. We all know that hand sanitiser has been in very hugh demand, leaving limited supplies for front line staff and key workers. Founder James Watts announced on social media that the company were going to be producing sanitiser to help with shortages and have been blown away by the response to their latest project. BrewDog have already delivered cases to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s Intensive Care unit and have recently announced they have come to an agreement with the NHS to deliver to key workers across the whole of the UK as of next week, which is pretty incredible. They are also giving their sanitiser away to local charities and communities to help combat covid-19.

Brewdog Sanitiser can be purchased on their website click here.

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