Sustainable gift wrap

Is it possible to have a sustainable Christmas with all the plastic filling the shelves in the stores once again?

Yes! We can change what we wrap our gifts in so your presents are unique and not hurting the planet. 

Say no to Sellotape

Sellotape isn’t recyclable and is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to gift wrapping waste. Even if your wrapping paper is recyclable you have to take all the Sellotape off the paper for it to be recyclable. So why not go retro and use string?

Beautiful, unique AND earth-friendly!

Now that’s a wrap! 

Most wrapping paper found in your high street shops contains plastic. Whilst some state they are recyclable, if they have a gloss, they aren’t.

So why not try newspaper or you could even go the extra mile to create your own patterned paper. All you will need is recycled paper, some potatoes, some ink, and a small knife to cut the potatoes into shapes and go wild!

Or even use a jute bag then the bag is also a gift in itself for them to use in years to come!

A lasting way to package your gifts

Caring cards

You could even make your own environmentally friendly cards: either get a load of Kraft card and get the kids to decorate the cards or use newspaper again to cut out to make trees.

Cute and fun to make!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these sustainable gift wrap ideas – if you’re reading this on our Facebook page, share some of your own ideas for an earth-friendly Christmas.

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