Work experience really works!

By Lauren Brett, Penrice Academy student

I spent my week of work experience with the company Go Jute in St Austell. The amazing staff who work here gave me an insight into the company’s work by breaking down every aspect that has to be taken into consideration. They allowed me to get involved with design, sales, production and the marketing side of the company in an interesting and exciting way, giving me a better, more in-depth understanding.

In the week, I was faced with tasks that were both rational and creative, ranging from researching and writing up various competitors and sales ideas, to designing and eventually making my own cotton bag! While completing these tasks, the workplace was calm and focused, and the environment within the building was positive, very friendly and supportive.

In sales, I learned about how clients and customers even begin to order a bag, how and where they are produced, the difference between the bags being printed in the UK or overseas, the sales and marketing process as a whole and how it will eventually lead to the final product! Although at first, I was somewhat nervous about this sector of the company, the staff explained it in great detail and made sure I understood everything and were supportive and very professional about it.

I was given the opportunity to look at the market perspective of the company, being allowed to examine the statistics and of the website which included how many customers visited and where they came from, interests and views on different posts, why people originally searched the company and many more. This showed me how important the customers are to GoJute. I was also given the opportunity to package and send off some of the products being shipped to clients from all over the world, which was very fun!

In terms of design, the staff gave me a blank cotton bag at the very start which over the course of the whole week, I was able to design, draw and eventually print my own custom artwork onto this bag! I was also allowed to look into how they print a customers design onto a bag.

I have learnt many valuable life skills from this week from each of the activities I participated in. Ranging from sales and how to do it effectively, to create a fully completed design from start to finish!

If you’re looking for a fantastic place to work, then I definitely recommend you go here! GoJute is a very professional, creative company and I want to thank every member of staff for looking after me for this week. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It isn’t just any old bag company, it is an exceptional, top quality business!

custom printed cotton bag
Lauren’s custom printed cotton bag featuring her own design