You want to raise money to support your charity, but where do you start?

Charity Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are a first time or a regular fundraiser we all need a little inspiration sometimes, which is why we are presenting an idea that has worked time and time again for our customers.

Inventing new and innovative charity fundraising ideas can be really difficult. You want to discover a great new money making idea but it seems everything has been done before and the money raised is in such small amounts compared to the efforts that go into it.

Or perhaps you feel that you don’t have the time, resources and support from your colleagues or peers to put something really good together?

We’re here to help!

Using a branded charity jute, juco or cotton bag for promoting cause-related organisations is a no-brainer. People genuinely love to be a part of a charity they are passionate about and are very happy to represent that cause by carrying and using a branded bag. We are hugely proud to be a small part of every charity that approaches GoJute, and are really happy to assist with such varied and sometimes sensitive issues.

Charity Fundraising Ideas

The Basic Idea

Design:  An organisation or charity supplies images, designs or text to us. Alternatively, we offer a design service and have seen great results from bags that have an eye-catching illustration, design, logo or message on it to create even more interest in the bag. The best designs use the whole space of the bag using our edge-to-edge printing service. Why not use the side panels for your marketing message or web address for example?

Colour & Style: Choose your colours and style of bag. From experience we have found that a selection of colours work well and gives a variety to your customers. Think about how the bags are going to be used and therefore the size they’ll need to be. Our standard jute bag GJ030 is a great all-rounder bag and suitably fits your shopping into it, so incredibly useful. However, the smaller ‘lunch’ bags are also very sell-able and use-able, something like the small jute bag GJ020  are perfect!

Quantity: An agreed quantity is then produced. It’s probably best to contact us to discuss the quantity you’ll need as this obviously depends on the size of your charity, your budget and your selling opportunities. We have had many well known charities order quantities of 30,000 however they have many shops throughout the UK to sell them from. A smaller charity may order 500 bags to get started with and to gauge the interest. Our overseas service is the most cost-effective way to order but you’ll need a bit of extra time for this as the lead-time is generally 8-12 weeks, well worth the wait though!

Costs: The idea is easy and straightforward. Costs and likely profits can be worked out in advance. Do be realistic however, about how many you are likely to sell. The appeal of your branded jute bag is likely limited to those connected to your organisation or its supporters. Our customers have sold the bags for £4-£8 each. You do the math!

Sponsorship: A lot of our clients have organised sponsorship opportunities with local businesses. This is a brilliant way to ensure the cost of the charity bags is covered. For example, on the Standard jute bags GJ030, there is ample room for 10 businesses to advertise their logo and contact details. Previous charities have charged anything from £50-£100 per space. This is a win-win situation for both the business and your charity, as there is no other advertising platform out there with such longevity. What better way to promote your charity and /or business than being carried by many on your local high street, used in the supermarket or out and about at the park! This will take some organisation but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Contact your local estate agent for sponsorship

For any agent, an exciting element is being considered a helpful part of the community. Often sponsoring a charity and/or community event is great for their profile and marketing exposure. The general feedback we get is that when the bags are passing the estate agents window on a daily basis “It’s exciting to see exactly how much our advertising gets about!” Webbers Estate Agent

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Charity Fundraising Ideas

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