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Crowdfunder Reward Ideas

Crowdfunder is an organisation that helps you raise funds to make your great idea a reality.

If you are a community group, a business, a charity, a social enterprise, a sports club, or a person with the spark of an idea that you want to turn into reality, then Crowdfunder can help you fund it.

Thousands of people have used Crowdfunder to successfully raise funds from the community around them.

Crowdfunder enables you to setup your crowdfunding projects, create your crowd and collect payments from your backers. Everything you need to fund your great idea.

We work with many projects across the UK to help them mainly with  rewards-based Crowdfunding.

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Want to learn more and gain some valuable fundraising tips?

“How do I create a successful crowdfunding campaign?”

“Which platform is the best fit for my business or project?”

“What should I offer funders or investors as an incentive?”

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We can help with your crowdfunding reward Ideas

Offering crowdfunding rewards in return for money is the perfect way to turn your idea into reality.

You could be looking to raise anything from one hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds for a wide range of different things.

Rewarding like-minded supporters in the Crowdfunding community is the most effective way to :

  • Raise funds
  • Test and validate your idea
  • Pre-sell your products
  • Build loyalty with new customers
  • Market your ideas

And by proving that it works you could be eligible for further funding from Crowdfunder partners, as so many projects have found.

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