Marketing ideas for breweries

Brewers, being in such a competitive market, you’re going to need something to stand out from the crowd..

Amid all the press releases, beer samples, glassware, brewery tours, brewers dinners, bottle openers and assorted swag there is room for, and some would argue, a ‘need’ for something a bit different.

marketing ideas for breweries

If you’re looking for marketing ideas for breweries, or how to get your cider farms and distilleries off the ground, then we’re here to help!

Anyone entering this already crowded field needs something unique to stand above the rest. Most breweries we come across have fabulous back stories about what inspired them to change their career path; all of which lends authenticity to your brewery, and gives both writers and readers something to focus on besides the beer. What we offer is something more for them to latch on to, excuse the pun…

Branded bottle bags for breweries are becoming very popular indeed. What better way to sell your craft alcohol?

Jute Bottle Bags are so practical and carry glass bottles perfectly, especially with the jute divider preventing any clinking of the bottles.

Using a branded bottle bag made from jute, for promoting your business is a no-brainer. People genuinely love to be a part of something they are passionate about and are very happy to represent that business, and in this case, beer, by carrying and using a branded bag.

marketing ideas for breweries

The Basic Idea

Design:  A brewery supplies images, designs or text to us. Alternatively, we offer a design service and have seen great results from bags that have an eye-catching illustration, design, logo or message on it to create even more interest in the bag. The best designs use the whole space of the bag using our edge-to-edge printing service. Why not use the side panels for your marketing message or web address for example?

Colour & Style: Choose your colours and style of bag. From experience we have found that a selection of colours work well and gives a variety to your customers. Think about how the bags are going to be used and therefore the size they’ll need to be. Our jute six wine bottle carrier is a great all-rounder bag and suitably fits your six bottles comfortably with no clinking! However, the smaller jute beer bottle bags are also very sell-able and use-able. This is one of our best-selling jute bags during the festive season and provides a great way to package or displaying a quarter case of beer and of course can be re-used. There is an area large enough on the bag to be printed with your logo or branding message.

Quantity: An agreed quantity is then produced. It’s probably best to contact us to discuss the quantity you’ll need as this obviously depends on the size of your brewery, your budget and your selling opportunities. Our overseas service is the most cost-effective way to order but you’ll need a bit of extra time for this as the lead-time is generally 8-12 weeks, well worth the wait though!

Costs: The idea is easy and straightforward. Costs and likely profits can be worked out in advance. Do be realistic however, about how many you are likely to sell. The appeal of your branded bottle bag is likely limited to those connected to your business or its fans to start with. Our customers have sold the bags for £4-£8 each. You do the math!

Sponsorship: A lot of our clients have organised sponsorship opportunities with other local businesses. This is a brilliant way to ensure the cost of the your bags is covered. For example, if you are hosting a tasting event, or perhaps you’re a partner at a festival. There is ample room for other businesses or food producers to advertise their logo and contact details on the bag as well as yourself. Previous customers have charged anything from £50-£100 per space. This is a win-win situation for both parties, as there is no other advertising platform out there with such longevity. What better way to promote your beer and/or business than being carried by many on your local high street, used in the supermarket or out and about at the park! This will take some organisation but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Using a promotional bottle carrier will at times offer a customer a great advantage in buying 6 bottles instead of two or three. With your fantastic and stylish brand our jute carrier has a removable bottle divider, transforming the carrier which will then be the chosen bag to take shopping, to carry lunch to work or snacks to the beach.

Be Ethical: We understand on occasions you may use a cardboard bottle carrier, these quickly get thrown away and sadly will not offer the promotional shelf life of a strong and sturdy Jute bag. Cardboard also has a higher water footprint than that of jute, so not only is this a bag for life, but your sustainability ethos can be highly regarded by your customers.

marketing ideas for breweries

Use our Overseas Service….

The Crafty Bottle liked their bags so much that once they sold their first batch sooner than expected they ordered many more taking full advantage of our Overseas service, saving them time and budget.

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