It’s the Oscars this weekend – how can you make your goodie bags stand out?

NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 12: Oscar Statues are displayed at the 2007 “Meet the Oscars” presented by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences on February 12, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

While most of us could not hope to match the luxury – or dare we say it – extravagance of the items given away in the Oscars goodie bags (see below for a list of some of the items from 2018), giving guests something to take away is an important part of leaving a lasting impression.

In our business, sustainability is key so here’s five great ideas for how to make your goodie bags more environmentally-conscious while delighting your guests too.

  1. Chocolate 

Everyone loves chocolate but if you want to give a sweet treat that won’t upset the diet, try raw or ‘superfood’ chocolate. It’s something that many people may never have tried and as a premium product will ensure your guests know you’ve really thought about it.

We’d recommend: 

2. Plants

Yes, plants. Before you disregard this idea as impractical, we’ve seen some great examples of small grow-your-own kits or branded seed packets like these: 

3. Homemade/upcycled items

If you have several hundred guests expected it’s not possible to make your own gifts but by buying in items from designer-makers who specialise in this kind of work you are giving to everyone: your guests will have something unique and thought-provoking, the maker will have earned much-needed income and a potential new audience for their work, and the planet will benefit from all that stuff you stopped from going into landfill.

We love this keychain from Mahala Arts in Bude, Cornwall – by buying something made from seagrass you are cleaning up the beaches as well!  

4. An experience

Why not come up with some ideas to tempt your guests into doing something that’s either: good for themselves, good for others or good for the planet. For example: invite them to take an hour out of their day and go for a walk; suggest they volunteer at their local food bank, or donate if they’re short on time; ask if they can join in or start a litter pick in their local area.

By putting these ideas on attractive cards (with your own branding included) you are giving them a little gift that makes them think.

5. Make the bag the gift!

And of course we couldn’t write this post without finishing by saying that if you really want to treat your guests you’ll want to give them all these lovely goodies in a bag that looks great and can be re-used time and time again, getting your brand out there where you can be seen.

We like our little jute bag for this, perfect for packed lunches! 

And, because we know that you’ve only got this far because you’re secretly keen to see what those A-listers get, here’s a few of the more unusual items from 2018. The total ‘swag’ adds up to around $100,000 we believe!

  • pepper spray
  • positivity boxes
  • edible jewellery
  • a gum rejuvenation procedure
  • pre-launch access to a new dating app
  • pet food
  • oranges

Let us know if you like our ideas!

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