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2018 was a positive year with larger businesses such as Sky Ocean Rescue and Iceland foods making a stand about single use plastic. It looks like 2019 is going to be another positive year for our environment. More businesses and consumers are looking at the amount of plastic they use and seeing how to reduce this.

At GoJute we are proud of our eco-friendly credentials. We are very passionate about our impact on the environment.

With the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, outlining plans to double the charge of plastic bags to 10p and apply it to stores of all sizes is another brilliant step!

bag-tax-stats. GoJute saying no to plastic bags for over ten years

Making one change to an eco-friendly reusable bag is an easy step for businesses and consumers alike. They will help to reduce the amount of single use plastic ending up in landfill. And why customers are carrying a reusable bag wherever they go, why not make sure it is your brand that they are showcasing!

Just think how many times a jute, juco or cotton bags is reused and where they go. Out on the high street, to the supermarket, to an event or to work! Not only will your customer remember you next time they need what you have on offer but think how many people will see your brand during the lifetime of the bags too!

Together we can make sure 2019 leaves a positive impact on our environment. The team at GoJute are here to help and have a range of eco-friendly products to suit your needs.

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