Create an ethical marketing campaign for your local market!

Our jute bags are the perfect marketing tool for any local market, they can be purchased as a proud memento or to show loyalty. This ethical marketing campaign is literally on the move. Most importantly, stall holders being small businesses do not have the same corporate responsibility of larger companies. Therefore from our research we have found that markets have an abundance of plastic bags still being used. As a collective of micro businesses, it then becomes a concern. We would very much like to help in creating a bag for the market itself which can then in turn help an ethical campaign and the ethos of the market.

We have supplied market bags with great success and popularity in the past which can be seen below in the Woking Market example:

Promote your brand sustainably, creatively and economically…

We are passionate and proud of all things Jute, down to the very tall and slim nature of how it grows and that every single part of the plant is used.

What we offer our clients:

  • Being the UK and European Business partner of our Factory in India, our continuous volume of business provides our customers with the highest standards of production.
  • 85% of the worlds jute is grown in India due to its perfect climate, therefore our factory costs are highly competitive with minimal transportation from farm to our mill and factory.
  • As our bag factory is also the Mill of the jute fibre and therefore the entire process starting with the plant is handled in one place. The quality of the plant and the production process is therefore audited together.
  • With the 5p bag tax, the point of jute is the sustainability of its re-use and their ethical appeal.  We can back that up with our accreditations and therefore so can you. (Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a membership organisation for business committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains.)

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