GJ035/36/37/39/8BB WINE/BEER BAGS

A great way of packaging or displaying multiple bottles of wine. This bag comes with and without the plastic window and removable jute divider.

The D shaped bamboo handles are easy to carry and add a decorative feel making the bag great for a gift.

This is one of our best sellers during the festive season. A perfect way of packaging or displaying a quarter case of wine and of course can be re-used.

** For carriers over 1 bottle, a removable Jute divide is added to stop bottle clinking together.

GJ035 H: 13.5in W: 4in D: 4in
GJ036 H: 13.5in W: 7.8in D: 4in
GJ037 H: 13.5in W: 11.8in D: 4in
GJ039 H: 13.5in W: 10.5in D: 7in
GJ8BB H: 9in W: 10in D: 7in
GJ035 H: 34cm W: 10cm D: 10cm
GJ036 H: 34cm W: 20cm D: 10cm
GJ037 H: 34cm W: 30cm D: 10cm
GJ039 H: 34cm W: 27cm D: 17cm
GJ8BB H: 23cm W: 26cm D: 17cm

Size: Various

Size: Various

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